C Humidifier

Purchase Price
RM 2,800*

Rent to Own
RM 120*/mth

NCS package RM550/year

– 4 months once filter replacement
– Sustainability of air quality and service quality assurance
– Warranty for product and filter including incentive care service

Malaysia’s 1st air purifier + humidifier with periodic service

Good air is not just about its purity, but its humidity as well. Get yourself an air purifier that gives you both.


Superfine Humidification Moisture Particles: Moisturises the air even in wide spaces
Upgraded Ultra PM2.5 Filter: Eliminates up to 99.95% of airborne dust
Plasma Ioniser: Turns harmful substances into clean air
4-filter & 7-level Filtration System
Multiple Operating Modes
Voice Guide with 4 Languages
Plethora of Convenient Functions


Model C Humidifier
Usage Area Indoors
Rated area for application with CA certification 37.4 m2
Humidifying Ability 300 mL/h
Water Tank Size 2.5 L
Product Size 430 mm (Length) X 276 mm (Width) X 550 mm (Height)
Product Weight 9.2 kg